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Jacob Jordaens was a Flemish painter, draughtsman, and tapestry designer who lived from 1630 to 1650. His works ranged from portraits and genre scenes to history paintings. His works are considered among the best Flemish Baroque painters of his day. 

Jacob Jordaens was born and raised in the Spanish Netherlands. He became famous internationally after Rubens' death. He was employed by Queen Christina of Sweden, members of the House of Orange, and the Burgomasters of Amsterdam to decorate their town halls. He also worked for King Charles I of England in 1639-40. His early career was marked by religious persecution and economic hardship, but he continued to create masterpieces.

In 1616, Jacob Jordaens moved to Antwerp and became a member of the Guild of St. Luke. In the 17th century, watercolors became a popular medium for tapestry cartoons. In 1617, he married Anna Catharina van Noort, the eldest daughter of the Van Noort family. They had three children. In 1618, Jordaens bought a house in Hoogstraat.

In the 1630s, Jacob Jordaens became a prominent figure in Antwerp. He worked under Rubens and other great painters to create the Joyeuse Entree, a painting of a joyous celebration. The two artists collaborated on other important projects, including the Torre de la Parada in Spain. As time passed, Jordaens became the most celebrated artist of his day, receiving more commissions. He was frequently summoned to European courts and was renowned for his skill in drawing and painting.

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