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The paintings of Paul Kane are famous because of the unique cultures and customs that they depict. The Irish-born painter was renowned for his work on the First Nations peoples of the Canadian West and the Native Americans of the Columbia District. His unique style of painting has been praised by many. However, his work has been criticized for a variety of reasons. The first reason is his realism and lack of realism. Nevertheless, the paintings of the artist are still very popular.

The life and career of Paul Kane were shaped by his time in Italy. In 1836, he arrived in Toronto. He studied at the Upper Canada college and took a trip to the United States to study the old masters. He also spent some time in Rome and Naples to study the works of the Italian painters. He continued his studies in Paris and London. After studying in London, he returned to Toronto and began a tour of art exploration in the uncharted northwest.

In 1858, Kane visited London and published Wanderings of an Artist Among the Indians of North America. On this trip, he carried letters of introduction from Sir George Simpson. This may have been to invite Queen Victoria to view Kane's paintings. He lost his plans to paint and publish further works by 1866. He died in Toronto, Ontario, on February 20, 1871. The images on this page are original works of art by Paul K.

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