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Angelika Kauffmann (1854-1926) was a Swiss Neoclassical painter, who worked mainly in Rome and London. She is known as a talented portraitist, landscape artist, and decoration painter. She was born in Bern, Switzerland. Her work is admired worldwide. Besides historical paintings, Kauffmann also painted portraits and landscapes. She is remembered for her works of art from the XVIII century.

While working under her father, Angelica Kauffman traveled throughout Europe and met many important people. She worked while traveling and learned her craft on the job. In 1765, she was commissioned to create her first independent portrait. She spent several years in Rome and then moved to England, where she established herself as an important painter. Lady Wentworth, the wife of a British ambassador, persuaded her to work in the capital city.

The success of Kauffmann's art was reflected in her ability to create a unique style. Her father was a professional painter, and his daughter trained with him. The two became close friends, and the two were close. The Kauffman sisters lived together for a decade, and the artists began to exchange their paintings and travel. After the deaths of their fathers, Angelica was recognized as a painter.

Although Angelica Kauffman's family supported her artistic career, she chose to pursue a career in art instead of music. She had good friends in high places, and her father's full support and friendships helped her achieve her artistic goals. The famous English artist Joshua Reynolds, who also painted angelica Kauffman, became her greatest champion in London and ally during difficult times. The resulting work is an ode to the life and achievements of this renaissance period painter.

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