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Theodor Kittelsen is a popular artist from Norway. He is most well-known for his nature paintings and illustrations, and he has won awards for his illustrations of fairy tales, legends, and trolls. Regardless of whether he painted a troll or a wolf, you are sure to find one of his works in your own home.

Although he studied art in Germany, he faced financial troubles only a few years later. The fact that he was surrounded by famous artists in Germany and other countries gave him the opportunity to create some of the most memorable pieces of art of all time. Then, he returned to Norway, and married a girl ten years his junior. After finishing his studies, Kittelsen began illustrating fairy tales and myths in his native country. He also painted peater life, and European historical events.

A year later, Kittelsen completed his most ambitious project to date: the Black Death. The Black Death is his most celebrated work as a black and white artist. It depicts the sombre and unfathomable event that plagued Europe. During this period, the death of more than half of the population is estimated to have occurred. The tragedy of the plague prompted him to create a series of breathtakingly beautiful drawings, which were then published in books.

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