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Kgyo Tsukioke was an artist in Japan during the Meiji period. Born in Kyoto, he was the adopted son of Tsukioka Yoshitoshi. His parents were both painters, and he studied under Ogata Gekk and Ogata Takai. His paintings are well known throughout the world. While studying at the prestigious Ogata Art Academy, Tsukioka created a series of incredibly realistic works.

Tsukioka's woodblock prints were very realistic and detailed. He used gold and silver inks and mica grounds to achieve an almost photographic effect. Another unique technique he employed was blind-stamping, a technique that imprinted a raised design onto the paper using a stylus. These prints offer rich historical information about Japanese noh theater and are considered veritable tours de force of late nineteenth-century Ukiyo-e.

The Meiji period saw Kogyo Tsukioka's work becoming more popular. His first woodblock print depicted a scene from a Noh play. His second woodblock print, from the same year, depicted a battle scene from the Sino-Japanese War. The painting won a prize at the San Francisco World Fair. It has since become an important piece of Japanese art.

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