Lady with an Ermine


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The Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci is an oil painting portrait of a woman, which is widely attributed to him. It was painted in the Renaissance period, and it is generally regarded as a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance. The oil painting was created on a walnut wood panel. The sitter is a well-dressed lady. The lady appears to be sitting at a desk, and is looking at an ermine.

The sitter in the portrait has significance to the patron of the painting. He was a member of the Order of the ermine. This portrait has a romantic background, and the sitter holds an ermine that confirms her relationship with her patron. The ermine could also be a play on the subject's surname, Gallerani. The Greek word 'ermine' is similar to the Latin word for 'foetus.'

Despite the significance of the ermine, Leonardo was unable to depict the pair together. As a result, he portrayed Ludovico as an ermine. As a result, the woman was conceived while she was wearing an equestrian-style dress. The painting is interesting for its history, as it includes a number of interesting details. The sitter's surname is also related to the 'ermine'.

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