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Sir John Lavery (1828-1906) was an Irish painter known for his war depictions and portraits of soldiers. 

Lavery studied art in France and became famous for his naturalist style of painting. He was greatly influenced by the work of Jules Bastien-Lepage and his portraits are now in major museums around the world. He died in Kilmoganny, Ireland, at the age of 86. However, his life was not without its highlights. While most of his work is still in private collections, it remains an important part of the artistic heritage of Ireland.

Lavery's portraits depict close family members. His wife Kathleen, a former aristocrat, had baptised him in St Patrick's font. The painting depicts their only child, Eileen. His work is characterized by subtle graduations of tone and colour. The artist was also a patron of the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Academy of Painters and Sculptors, and the Royal Society of Sculptors, Painters and Gravers.

In his later years, Lavery turned to landscape painting and became known for his war scenes. He died at the age of 78, and his work is now housed in the Tate Modern in London. Although he was best known for war pictures, his work was also very popular. 

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