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French figure painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre was a prolific artist, educator, and theorist. The French artist and theorist was a student of human anatomy and developed his own techniques. His style of realism was influenced by naturalism. His neoclassical and classical style was highly regarded. His work demonstrates the neoclassical philosophy.

After graduating from the Academie Julian in 1863, Lefebvre was immediately hailed as a leading French 'academic' painter. Although he taught at the academy, he devoted his time to painting from life. In 1868, he won praise for his Salon exhibit, while his allegory of Truth, which depicts a nude woman holding a mirror, became his first major success.

In the 1850s, Lefebvre travelled to Italy and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. His Italian studies made him a firm believer in the value of a human being and his paintings began to express the feelings and needs of his subjects. The Nude paintings are among his most famous works, and the nude model in them are considered some of his most beautiful.

Although his portraits are not very well known, they have a rich history. Lefebvre's earliest works have a rich, detailed look that will inspire you to create an art masterpiece of your own. The artist was also one of the most influential French painters of the late nineteenth century. These paintings of women, which have often been portrayed in a negative light, are considered one of the most compelling examples of his work.

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