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Lion Paintings for Sale

The lion has always been a symbol of power, dignity and beauty. Installing lion paintings anywhere lends so much power to the place.  Artists all over the world have been quite obsessed with this magnificent beast with a glorious radiating mane. Imagine having African lion wall art or tiger portraits or paintings of snow leopards in one of your living room or office room walls. Visitors would instantly feel reverent towards the painting and in turn towards you. Powerful men especially ask their interior decorators to source a lion face painting. If you are thinking of buying a centre piece artwork for your office room or family room, the lion canvas art  would be a perfect choice. As a reference and guide, here is a list of some awe inspiring lion paintings made by famous artists.

1. Daniel in the Lion’s Den, 1615

This iconic painting by the famous Paul Rubens shows a herd of lions roaming around the Christian figure of Daniel who begs to God to rescue him from this danger. The lions are shown in different postures, one lion roaring, some resting and one lion is pursuing the female possibly to mate. The story is one from the Book of Daniel where Daniel is sent to the lion’s den to be tested. The broad brushstrokes show both the ferocious animal and the Christian Man’s purity. Perfect for making a statement in your home.

2. A Lion Attacking a Horse, 1762

George Stubbs’ popular painting could be a perfect addition to your office space to make the whole ambience assertive. Not only is it a masterpiece, it shows the sheer strength of the wild animal. Looking at such a piece can be energising, the way the lion jumps on top of the horse and tries to restrain the magnificent. Even as an artistic piece it is prestigious to own a print like that. The way the light falls on the animals, the powerful sinews of the horse and the sheer force of the lion is sure to make one stare at the picture for some time.

3. Una and the Lion

This piece by Breton Riviere is more appropriate for a sitting room or parlour. There is an understated elegance in the painting which will lend a quiet charm to your walls. If you can place a focus light under it and dim the surrounding, the ambience will be almost ethereal. The beautiful lion following the beautiful maid Una and the sheep. It shows how women embody both the ferocious and the mild, girl bosses you hear me?

4. The Christian Martyr’s Last Prayer

Gerome’s piece is ideal for the powerful man to put up in his office. It will awake a sense of fear at the sheer power of the lion at whose mercy the martyr’s are.  The piece is both symbolic of bestial power and God’s divine blessing. Aesthetically and symbolically it is ideal to grace the walls of the room you carry out your business.

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