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Alessandro Magnasco, also known as il Lissandrino, was an Italian late-Baroque painter. He was most active in Genoa and Milan, where he developed a reputation for his phantasmagoric landscape scenes and stylized genre scenes. His style was highly popular, and his paintings are considered to be some of the best examples of late-Baroque art.

After moving to Genoa in 1735, Magnasco remained in demand in Milan. He was greatly influenced by the works of the Austrian governor of Milan. His daughter, however, encouraged him to return to Genoa, where the gentry found his style to be ridiculous. While the Genoese considered his paintings risqué, Magnasco continued to paint until the mid-1740s, and remained active as a teacher, a tutor, and an amateur.

Despite his short stature, Alessandro Magnasco achieved great success. His father was a painter in Genoa, but he died when he was just three years old. His mother remarried, and she sent him to Milan to study commerce and pursue a career in business. Nevertheless, he retained his father's passion for painting, and he returned to Genoa when he was thirty-three. He stayed in Genoa until his death in 1756.

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