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The 19th-century academic history painter, decorator and designer Hans Makart was known for his influence on Klimt

The artist moved to Vienna in 1850 to study painting. He was disgraced after one year of studying there because he took issue with the academy's structure and the types of paintings the academy cherished. His rejection was based on the lack of natural talent. His early works were similar to those of Titian and Rubens, and their vivacious colors and expressive style clashed with the school's austere classicism.

In 1878, Makart was invited to join the Viennese Artists' Society. He was the head of the school for historical painting, which he held until his death in 1884. His student Gustav Klimt continued Makart's legacy, but his work received critical reviews. Even despite the criticism, he was nevertheless able to generate a good deal of wealth and fame. In fact, his work has continued to inspire the generations to come.

His first solo exhibition, The Emperor's Children, and The New World, are the only major works that can be compared to his paintings. The exhibition is open to the public and free of charge. You can purchase it on Amazon. There are many other great collections of his work in the Art Museum of Vienna. It is not possible to see everything in one exhibition. It is an essential guide to the paintings by Hans Makart.

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