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Among the greatest artists of the late 18th century was Jean Baptiste Mallet. Born in Grasse, France, he studied with Simon Julien in Toulon and Pierre Prud'hon in Paris. From 1793 to 1827, he exhibited at the Salons of Paris. He exhibited paintings of bathing beauties, nudes, and mythological scenes. 

During his lifetime, Mallet's work became a popular form of art. His works of nature, mythology, and society were widely copied into prints. A fine engraver, he specialised in using the stipple technique to produce delicate, detailed engravings. The four stipple engravings of the four seasons are particularly well-known. Each is printed in black and brown ink and coloured afterward.

Throughout his life, Mallet maintained a vibrant public career. He was a celebrated painter of interior scenes and drew a following from his many portraits. His work is popular and highly regarded today. Several of his works have been reproduced or made into prints. 

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