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Emile Munier was a French academic artist who studied under William-Adolphe Bouguereau. He became an influential figure in the early modern French art movement. In this brief introduction, we'll take a look at some of his most important works. These pieces include landscapes, still lifes, and still life with animals. These pieces are highly sought-after today. 

In his later years, Emile Munier concentrated on painting scenes of children in idyllic settings. His early work includes watercolors and drawings of boats and fishermen. In the summer of 1879, he traveled to the Ardennes, where he produced a portrait of Madame de Chanzy. After this, he went back to Paris, and became an important member of the Society of French Artists. His enduring interest in music led him to produce numerous works of this genre.

In 1867, Munier married Sargine Augrand, a student of Abel Lucas. After the birth of his son, Munier began painting landscapes. During this time, he became friends with Bouguereau, who was also a friend of Emile. After the death of his wife, Munier decided to turn his attention to painting and attended l'Ecole de Nancy. He also met Emile Galle, who later became his mentor.

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