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Born in Germany, Carl Christian Heinrich Nahl, later known as Charles Christian Nahl, lived most of his life in the United States. He was one of the first significant painters in California. He is renowned for his work and is considered an innovator in Californian painting. He was influenced by the impressionism movement of the time and painted subjects that were based on his own experiences. His paintings were highly influential and remain popular today.

Nahl's work is displayed in many museums and galleries around the world. His works are included in the permanent collections of many art museums. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, displays a permanent collection of his paintings. A recent exhibition at the gallery includes a large retrospective of his paintings. You can view a collection of his works here. If you are interested in learning more about Charles Christian Nahl, you can visit his website.

The bear on California's flag was first used as a political symbol in 1846 when U.S. settlers marched on Mexico's garrison in Sonoma to proclaim California an independent republic. The bear design from Nahl's painting was chosen for the flag's design in 1911. Its colors mirror the colors of the Mexican flag and was intended to symbolize a common ground with Mexico. In addition to his paintings of California's pioneers, Nahl is considered a pioneering artist. His portraits of the California gold rush are reflected on the Society of the California Pioneers membership certificate.

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