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Model: Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi da-025

You may have heard of Narcissus by Caravaggio. It was painted between 1597 and 1599 and is housed in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica in Rome. This painting is a wonderful example of Caravaggio's talent for capturing the essence of a story. The story of Narcissus is a classic tale of self-obsession, and the story of this painting is no exception.

The painting shows how the boy loses his boundaries as he learns more about himself, and the ensuing misunderstanding between the two leads to the story of the fable. It is also a classic representation of the Roman story of Narcissus, which is known as the tale of the water-loving nymph. Caravaggio's use of chiaroscuro helps create the illusion of depth and three-dimensional forms. This dark, solem mood also lends the painting an eerie beauty.

The painting is a classic example of an Italian Renaissance master. Caravaggio rarely painted mythological subjects, so this piece has special resonance. Whether or not this painting has autoerotic overtones is largely unknown. The title is a clue as to its meaning. In the painting's title, Narcissus is a nymph who looks at his reflection. Regardless of its meaning, the painting is a timeless example of artistic and philosophical expression.

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