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Located in the City of Westminster and Central London, the National Gallery is an art museum that has a great collection of 2,300 paintings ranging in time from the mid-13th century to the twentieth century. It has a wide variety of exhibitions and is a must-see when in London. It is also a great place to get some much-needed culture, especially if you're a history buff. In addition to being one of the most popular museums in the country, the National is also a great place to buy your souvenirs.

The history of the National Gallery of Britain is complex. The British government did not re-nationalise the existing royal collection; instead, they purchased 38 paintings from an insurance broker and patron of the arts. This early group of directors helped to shape the gallery's direction, and in the nineteenth century, Sir Charles Lock Eastlake became its director. The collection is relatively small, making it a poor representation of the works of art in other countries. However, the vast majority of works on view are representative of western art.

The first century of the National Gallery's history saw its collections develop over time. The first building was completed in 1853, and the original building was a simple structure with an open plan. It was built to accommodate two galleries and a gift shop. The National Gallery's original structure had a rotunda, and the main entrance curved to the right, thereby creating a space that was both spacious and functional.

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