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The National Gallery of Denmark is the country's national museum. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, it houses an extensive collection of Danish art and is the best place to see some of the country's most famous works.

The National Gallery of Denmark has a dedicated conservation department that works with its collection to ensure that it stays in good condition. Works of art from the 18th century to contemporary art are housed here. The museum also offers tours of the exhibitions and has an online universe called Art Stories, which provides an extensive history of art through a narrated narrative. The museum's conservation department is an excellent resource for learning about the process of preserving paintings and other works of artwork.

The National Gallery of Denmark is one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to Danish art. The collections range from the Danish Golden Age to contemporary works by internationally-acclaimed artists. In addition to holding Denmark's largest collection of art, the museum also holds the world's largest collection of Christen Kobke and Vilhelm Hammershoi. The Museum also contains a collection of important works by Danish symbolists and modern Danish art.

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