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The Western cultural movement known as Neoclassicism is a collection of styles inspired by classical antiquity. In the late 19th century, the movement was particularly popular in Italy, Greece, and the United States. Here are some examples of Neoclassicism's most notable works. To better understand this style, let's take a look at what it was all about. Ultimately, the goal was to create works of art that were both beautiful and functional.

Early Neoclassicism had a distinctly Italian sound. The music was often dark, with large, bold figures surrounded by large expanses of light. The music was often composed with long, flat lines and a minimalist setting. The themes and subjects varied widely, but were often based on ancient literature and medieval legends. Biblical and historical scenes were increasingly painted with a classical tone. The scenes were often selected to convey a moral message. Many artists incorporated engravings and sculptural elements into their works, including the use of the late antique consular diptych.

In Europe, Neoclassicism is associated with the Roman Empire, which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. This style was developed in France, and is primarily influenced by French painters. The Renaissance was the first era of Neoclassicism, and it was followed by the Renaissance, which was a period of great artistic growth. It lasted for more than a century, and is still admired today. While its influence on art history is immense, it has its problems.

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