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Mikhail Nesterov was a Soviet and Russian painter. He is closely associated with Peredvizhniki and Mir Iskusstva movements. He was one of the first Russian symbolist artists. In addition to his figurational paintings, he created a number of figurative works that emphasized the human condition. 

The artist drew inspiration for his work from the beauty of his wife and her own life. He was fascinated by the beauty and awe-inspiring talent of her husband. Nesterov had always had a passion for art, and he decided to make it his career. He exhibited his paintings all over the world, including in the United States, Italy, and France. His portraits of celebrities and royalty became instant classics.

His passion for painting was evident in his portraits of people he loved. His wife Yekaterina Nesterova, a popular singer, influenced many of his portraits. In 1905, he painted a portrait of her in Kiev. The painting was sold in an auction and was exhibited in the Tret'iakov Gallery. However, the exhibition of Nesterov's work did not receive the critical acclaim it deserved.

After the death of his wife, Nesterov created three chapters of a novel that depicted the life of a monk. The painting "The Hermit" shows a monk walking by a lake. The fresco "In Russia. The Soul of the People" features her. A full member of the Academy of Arts, Nesterov also wrote about himself in a memoir, titled Old Days.

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