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Dutch portrait and genre painter Caspar Netscher was a master of depicting silk, brocade and oriental rugs. He introduced an international style to the Northern Netherlands. The work of Netscher is widely collected today and is the subject of numerous museum exhibitions. His paintings are among the most popular and best-known works of Dutch art. 

Caspar Netscher was born in Prague in 1636 and moved to Arnhem when he was a child. He studied under Gerard ter Borch in Deventer and was recognized as a central figure in the painting An Officer Dictating a Letter. Later, he moved to The Hague and settled there. There, he established a renowned contemporary reputation as a portrait painter. He turned down an invitation by King Charles II to visit England and spent the rest of his life painting French and English sitters in The Hague.

After training in The Hague, Netscher traveled to France to study with Gerard ter Borch. There, he learned the techniques and style of Italian masters. He became an exceptional portrait painter, displaying the social interaction of the Dutch elite. After completing his studies in France, he married Margareta. Despite this, the couple returned to the Netherlands in 1662, when William III became hostile to Protestants.

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