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Eilert Adelsteen Normann was a Norwegian painter who lived in Berlin and was notable for his landscapes of Norway. In 1902, he invited Edvard Munch to Berlin to paint The Scream and was credited with making the Norwegian fjords a popular tourist destination. In addition to his enduring fame in the world of art, Adelsteen was also a prominent advocate of the environment and conservation.

Born in Bodo, Norway, Adelsteen Normann's father was a merchant. He went to Paris to learn how to paint, but instead ended up in Dusseldorf, where he became an artist. He stayed in Germany until his death in 1922, and in 1890 he bought a plot of land in Balestrand and built the town's first drakestil house.

At the age of twelve, Adelsteen was sent to Dusseldorf, over 400 miles from his native Bodin. From there, he transferred to a school in Bergen, which had recently opened in newly constructed premises. The school was renowned for its dragon carvings, which remained in place even when he moved to Berlin. He was even awarded a bronze medal at the Salon de Paris. The artist's work can now be found in numerous important museums in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Norway.

The Adelsteen Normann-foundation has opened a new gallery in Bodo, called Haalogtunet. The opening featured Kristin Kostopoulos singing "In the Wilderness", as well as Mayor Odd Tore Fygle and Britt Huse, who spoke about the importance of music and culture in Norway. In addition to his paintings, the foundation will be publishing a biography of Adelsteen Normann by Bjorn Tore Pedersen. His daughter, Edith Normann, has sent greetings.

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