Commission a painting from a photo

Photos are our personal collection of memories. Whether it is of our wedding day when we exchanged marriage vows at the altar or a trip to a beautiful place with our friends or spending quality time with our family and pets- our pictures remain captured in our photo album for us to see them and cherish the good old days of our lives. Thus, it is commonplace for many houses to have walls loaded with photos. It is equally special to have portraits of drawings commissioned from the photos to hang them on the walls as paintings. They add a special aura to our house.

Paintings commissioned from photos

Paintings commissioned from photos have an extra appeal to add to the charm of the house. Paintings are beautiful artwork in their own right; in addition, if one can transform a photo into a drawing it also carries the profundity of the memories associated with the photos. Imagine a photo very dear to your heart, such as that of your wedding day, or that of your pet or a family portrait, and getting that transformed into a beautiful pencil drawing or water color painting! Such memories sure add the warmth of personal touch to your house. Likewise, you can also get these paintings done as gifts for your loved ones on their special occasions like birthdays and weddings. That sort of gift would be very dear to their hearts as art can express emotions much better than words do.

Portraits commissioned from photos as decorative elements for the house

In order to hang portraits in your house commissioned from photos, it requires that one arranges the rest of the interior designing of the room accordingly. Portraits, depending on their shades of whether light or dark colors, should be put up on the walls accordingly. If the shades are light, they would go better on walls of dark colors and vice versa. Also, portraits would blend well with walls decorated by flowery or starry wallpapers. Arranging for some green plants near these paintings add extra charm as green being a serene color, goes well with almost every object of any color placed around it. The rest of the furnishings in the room should also be arranged accordingly to correspond to the setting of the portrait. If a collection of portraits of a particular theme, say family, is hung as an artwork, they can be arranged in proper shapes such as in circular arrangements with the family name monogramed in the center of the painting. Such paintings have a royal appeal to their look. Pencil drawings being of black and white color look good mostly on walls with light colors of off-white and various shades of cream or pinkish colors.
On the whole, decorating our houses with paintings is a work of art. Therefore, one has to decorate according to the aesthetic sense of the house depending on what looks more suitable for the rooms. It is more a matter of judging by feel than can be put as instructions on paper.

Art commissions prices

Inch cm 1 Person/Pet Additional People/Pet
  15% will be added for each additional figure/pet
12 x 16 30 x 40 139
16 x 20 40 x 50 169
20 x 24 50 x 60 209
24 x 36 60 x 90 259
30 x 40 75 x 100 319
36 x 48 90 x 120 349
48 x 72 120 x 180 469
  1" Gallery-Wrap
Inch cm 1 Person/Pet Additional People/Pet
12 x 16 30 x 40 166 15% will be added for each additional figure/pet
16 x 20 40 x 50 202
20 x 24 50 x 60 250
24 x 36 60 x 90 310
30 x 40 75 x 100 382
36 x 48 90 x 120 418
48 x 72 120 x 180 562
Inch cm 1 Person/Pet Additional People/Pet
12 x 16 30 x 40 200 15% will be added for each additional figure/pet
16 x 20 40 x 50 243
20 x 24 50 x 60 300
24 x 36 60 x 90 372
30 x 40 75 x 100 459
36 x 48 90 x 120 502
48 x 72 120 x 180 675

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