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Orientalism is a term that describes Western imitation and depiction of Eastern culture and art. The term is used to describe a cultural impostor who tries to make the East look like the West. Generally, this type of impostor is a Westerner. Sadly, many examples of Orientalism are quite ugly. This article aims to address some of the most prominent examples of Occidentalism. Read on to learn about some of the most problematic examples of Orientalism.

The concept of orientalism has many definitions, but its most important characteristic is that it was a French and British obsession. In the early twentieth century, orientalism became a fashionable style that exemplified imperialism and celebrated the mysterious otherness of the far-off lands. However, despite the popularity of these paintings, they were little understood during the age of imperialism and colonialism, and were even more ridiculed by the European intelligentsia.

The term orientalism isn't a real category; it is more of an aesthetic concept. Historically, orientalism reflected a view of the Orient that included an awe-inspiring, exotic world. Yet, the idea of the Orient as a foreign land was not merely a Western one. Rather, orientalism is a genre that is defined by the influence of Western art. In the art world, orientalism is best known for paintings of exotic locations.

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