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British landscape painter and prolific writer Samuel Palmer was one of the leading figures of Romanticism in Britain. His pastoral paintings are visionary, and many of his pieces are considered masterpieces of British art. These works are now held in private collections around the world. 

In 1824, Palmer was introduced to William Blake by John Linnell. This influential writer gave Palmer the inspiration to explore and experiment with powerful imagery, which he would later incorporate into his own work. The images of Blake were inspired by the Bible, Milton, and Dante, and were especially striking to Palmer. In 1824, Palmer began working in the 'visionary' style. A View of Ancient Rome is one of his most famous works.

Palmer's life began to decline after his early high. He married the wrong woman, Hannah Linnell. On paper, she was the ideal wife for him; she sat in the hot sun patiently while Palmer painted. However, she later turned to resentment, and their relationship became a stalemate. By the time he realized that he had married the wrong woman, his art had fallen apart.

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