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The landscape painter Sidney Richard Percy was born in 1816 and died in 1886. Although he was a member of the Williams family, he used the surname Percy to distinguish himself from his relatives. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and the British Institution, and also exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists. He was most famous for his paintings of Northern Wales, and they are found in a number of museums.

In the 1880s, Percy was active in painting landscapes and was an influential painter in the Victorian era. He sought his inspiration in the landscapes of Northern Wales, Devon, Yorkshire, and the Lake District, as well as the Scottish Highlands. He was born into a family of painters, and many of his works reflect this artistic legacy. He spent his last years painting in his native Wales, and it shows.

His career as a landscape painter began to develop after he exhibited Storm Gathering on Cader Idris at the Royal Academy in 1856. This painting won the artist the prize for best painting at the prestigious exhibition. As a result of this exhibition, Percy's fame as a landscape painter was further enhanced. This was a major achievement, and it was one of the last works he exhibited.

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