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John Frederick Peto is a forgotten American trompe l'il painter whose paintings have been admired for centuries. Before his discovery in the 1960s, he was almost forgotten. His life is now a fascinating story, which can inspire anyone to create an image of their own. In a new exhibition, Peto will be exhibited with fellow American trompe l'il artist, William Harnett.

Born in 1852, John Frederick Peto lived his entire life in obscurity. His family did not support him, and he lived in poverty, taking in seasonal boarders. He also sold his paintings to tourists. Eventually, the artist had an exhibition in New York City and began to exhibit his works there. After this, he was recognized for his talent as an artist. However, his work did not gain widespread recognition until his death in 1916.

Despite his early fame, Peto remained somewhat unknown, and for several reasons. The first was that his works were far removed from the artistic center of Philadelphia, and he was hardly visible for many years. This led to his demise, and his works were virtually forgotten. From the time he died, his popularity declined considerably. He was no longer a prominent figure in the field of American art, and his work was only appreciated by a select group of collectors.

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