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Pity by William Blake is a colour print painting by the English artist William Blake. It is one of a series of paintings called "Large Colour Prints". It depicts a woman lying on the ground, with two figures on horseback flying above her, each carrying a baby. Blake completed the painting in 1795. It relates to the renaissance style of drawing and depicts a woman's plight. Pity by William Blake is not directly related to the character of Macbeth, but commentators rely on Shakespeare's text to interpret the scene.

The artist portrayed the female cherub in a painting called "Pity." It personifies the Christian element that is often associated with Blake's work, and has a direct connection to Yeats' poem. This works in opposition to Yeats' interpretation of the poem. While Blake used the word "pity" to suggest empathy, it has lost its respectability today. This poem explores the theme of pity in a unique way.

It is important to note that Blake's work was large for its time. It measures approximately 42 by 52 centimeters, and was painted with opaque water-miscible colors that he printed onto large damp sheets of paper. Blake then refined his designs using watercolors and black paint and pen-and-ink outlining. As a result, the result is a work of art that will last for many years to come.

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