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A painting technique that uses small dots of color in patterns to create a design is pointillism. The term "pointillism" refers to the way in which the artist places the small dots in the painting. There are a variety of ways to use this technique, including in collages, drawings, and other mediums. Read on to learn more about the technique. Listed below are some examples of works by different artists that demonstrate the art form.

Pointillism is a method of applying raw colour directly onto a canvas. This method eliminates the use of transitional tones and blends pigments into one continuous layer. This technique broke with the traditional ways of mixing pigments in the 19th century. By applying the raw colour directly onto the canvas, a paintbrush can be used to blend different tones and pigments. In this way, pointillism is an interesting, versatile technique for artists, especially when creating landscapes or abstract paintings.

The technique was a popular style in the nineteenth century and is still used today. In pointillism art, the viewer must stand far away from the painting to see the complete image. This method relies heavily on optics, as the farther away the viewer is from a work, the more complete the painting will appear. The technique is also said to be an example of scientific art, as it makes heavy use of variation in similar shades and uses breathing space.

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