Pop Art Paintings for Sale


The Pop Art culture took roots in the British and American societies during the post-war period from the mid to late 1950s. Pop art culture depicts the presentation of popular culture in art practices, involving objects of mundane or everyday life, to give expression to works of artistry and thus making art more rooted in reality. Comic books, newspapers, magazines and other commonplace objects are used to give expression to the imagery of pop art paintings, thus making it more relatable to the masses (as opposed to elitist carvings). Hence, since its inception, pop art paintings have been in much demand by the people in society.

Pop Art applied to interior design

Pop Art applied to the walls of your homes augments in their interior decoration and can provide a simple room with a splendid outlook. Pop art paintings are usually rich in colors with the paintings reflecting the myriad emotions associated with everyday life. Choosing pop art paintings as corresponds to the décor of the room becomes important. If you have any prefered famous pop art, we can also do a museum quality oil painting reproduction for you. Picking a painting that fits the color scheming of the room is necessary- the wall color, the furniture, cushions and curtains in the room.

Down-to-earth imagery

Pop Art paintings with its down-to-earth imagery add to a style which is extremely relatable. Its usage of bright colors and fine texture makes the room come alive with the picture. Pop art canvas paintings depicting images of actors, singers, cartoon characters and so on are a favorite among the youngsters. Since pop art paintings use bright colors they look better against walls which have shades of light hues and/or with flowery wallpapers to amplify the dramatic effects of the design and would be sure to grab attention of the guests.

Landscape paintings or portraits depicting human relationships such as family or couple portraits (single pictures or in collage form), can also be hung in the various corners of the house or in the bedroom or the study room and is sure to add warmth to the ambience of the room. If you have corresponding fairy lights or floor lamps to embellish the decoration, you might as well be ready to get transported to a different world of beauty altogether.

Pop art design decorative sculpture in glass, ceramic or plastic can also serve as glorious showpieces for interior decoration and can grace any place with its presence. Colorfully painted statuettes placed on a wooden pedestal in the living room is sure to make even an ordinary room look posh and elegant.  In addition, a vase containing green plants and some flowers is sure to lend extra charm to your living space.


Pop art paintings can be witnessed practically everywhere in society as it is based on values of consumerism, fashion and advertising. Pop art finds expression in the making of birthday cards, t-shirts, posters, packaging designs, canvas paintings- virtually everything. Here lies the beauty of pop art paintings; that it has continued to stay relevant with changing times. 

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