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French painter and writer, Paul-Élie Ranson, is best known for his paintings. He is most often associated with Les Nabis. His paintings are haunting and unique and can be found in museums and galleries around the world. 

Ranson studied decorative arts in Paris and developed his own style through the use of nabi technique, which he adapted to suit the decorative arts. His needlepoint works, such as Spring or Women Under Trees in Bloom, are reminiscent of the earlier work of Maurice Denis. His delicate textures reinforce the Nabi patterning. He also made vertical canvases that resembled Japanese screen paintings. His art was highly influential, and he also wrote seven plays for the puppet theater.

He was highly influential in the decorative arts, and his interest in witchcraft and mythology led him to create numerous paintings inspired by the Vanitas. His wife, Marie, supported his artistic endeavors, and in 1886, the two established the Academie Ranson in Paris. The academy was continued by Marie, but Ranson died of typhoid fever at age 44. His wife later took over the academy. His death was the result of an illness.

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