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Realism is an approach to art that seeks to represent its subject matter truthfully without resorting to speculative fiction or other supernatural elements. While realism is often used interchangeably with naturalism, these terms are not synonymous. While realism is the best approach to representing human nature and experience, naturalism is a more rigorous style. The key to realism is balance. This can be achieved by keeping the subject matter grounded and avoiding a lack of emotional or sensory detail.

Realism is a style that focuses on the common man as the artistic subject, instead of the rich and famous. It is an aesthetic choice that often results in stunning landscapes and captivating characters. However, it requires an artist to adhere to a strict standard of technical accuracy and to use the correct techniques to create realistic images. Here are some tips to creating realistic artworks: Keep it simple and stick to realistic forms. Developing technical skills is essential if you want to be able to paint realistically.

Another important element of realism is the emphasis on the hands and clothing of the worker. The worker's hands and clothing are emphasized in this style. In other words, the human element is highlighted to give the viewer an accurate sense of the subject's dignity. Realism is a progressive approach to art, but the goal is to paint the real world rather than the idealized version of it. If you are interested in learning more about this art form, consider reading Everett Carter's book on the age of realism.

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