A symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman, and pastellist, French symbolist Odilon Redon died in his sleep at age 83. His work is considered to be some of the most important in the history of painting. He was well known for his large-scale landscapes, mystical scenes, and still-lifes. His works are often described as "fantastic."

Redon studied at the École de Beaux-Arts in Paris, and also continued to study with Gauguin. The artist was given a Legion of Honor by the French government in 1895, and the next year he exhibited at the Armory Show. By the end of his career, his fame was soaring. Apparently, the war and the uncertainty about his son's safety were a significant factor in his death.

During the late 19th century, Redon was one of the most influential artists in history. He created stunning works in many different media, including oil, charcoal, pastels, and lithography. Although his work was based on reality, his landscapes are more realistic than any of his other works. However, he was a true master of color, and a highly versatile painter. Listed below are some of his most famous pieces.

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