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Born in Modena, Vittorio Reggianini trained at the Academy of Modena. He later became a professor there and moved to Florence in 1900. His career was quite successful, and his art was often exhibited in major museums. He is best known for paintings of the bourgeoisie, which depicts them in elegant clothing and surroundings. His paintings of these subjects are highly sought after by the new rich of the nineteenth century, who are drawn to the beauty and refinement of Reggianini's works.

Reggianini's paintings are often characterized by their beautiful, luscious textiles. His most popular works, such as the portraits of young lovers, were often done in the late eighteenth century. His work was highly regarded during his lifetime and after. He was influenced by the Italian Baroque and Byzantine styles and had a strong interest in art and design. Some of his most famous works depict the lives of the wealthy in Italy.

The beauty of the luxuriant fabrics he used to paint was a big draw for many. He began exhibiting in the United States and Europe and became famous for his lavish portraits of the upper class. This made him one of the most admired artists of the nineteenth century. However, his work was not only successful in the U.S. but also in Europe. He painted portraits of young women dressed in saturated fabrics.

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