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Model: Troyon-009

Repose by Constant Troyon is an oil painting on canvas depicting the peacefulness of the countryside. The French painter was born in Sevres, the city associated with a major porcelain manufacturer. During his early years, Troyon worked as an apprentice in the porcelain factory, but he soon wanted to explore larger-scale painting. He began to paint landscapes while on his travels. In 1831, Troyon became a pupil of Camille Roqueplan and was introduced to the Barbizon School.

After the success of his paintings, Troyon travelled to the Netherlands in 1846 and was influenced by the work of the Dutch Masters. He subsequently turned his focus to animals and landscapes. He was an accomplished artist, achieving five medals at the Paris Salon and the Legion of Honor. The success of Troyon's work paved the way for other Impressionists, including Claude Monet. His masterpiece, Cattle Drinking, was included in a major exhibition in 1883.

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