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Australian artist Tom Roberts is a master of impressionism. He was one of the leading members of the Heidelberg School, also known as Australian impressionism. Born in England, Roberts grew up in New South Wales and moved to Australia in 1888. His paintings capture the natural beauty of his country and the mood of his time. He achieved a high level of success in his later years, becoming an international artist. His work is considered one of the most important works of impressionism.

He had a passion for reading and incorporated his interest in romantic poetry into his work. His association with poet Thomas Hardy - whom he met as a child - may have influenced his style of painting. Several of his paintings feature rural scenes and contrasts of the city and country. His early life also inspired his works, as he was interested in regional culture. The landscapes of his native Tasmania are a perfect example of this.

Born in Dorchester, England, Roberts immigrated to Australia at the age of thirteen. He worked as a photographer in Melbourne and attended weekly drawing classes. He studied at the National Gallery School in Melbourne and the Royal Academy School in London. After his first two one-man shows in the city, Roberts continued to exhibit his work at galleries and exhibitions, contributing several paintings to the Graphic magazine. His paintings are now displayed in many public and private collections.

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