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Romanticism was a cultural movement that started in the 18th century, which centered around themes of love, nature, and the human condition. The art, music, and literature that were part of this movement tended to reflect this sentiment, and it peaked during the eighteen hundreds and early eighteen hundred. In the arts, Romanticism is a popular topic of discussion. 

French Romantic poets included Alfred de Musset, Gerard de Nerval, William Wordsworth, and Octavien Le Clair. These poets infused the classical world with a new, more dramatic aesthetic. Their works, like those of Edgar Allen Poe, William Wordsworth, and William Shakespeare, were influential in the 20th century. These writers' work has had an enormous impact on the field of literature and art, as well as its influence on many other areas of culture.

Early Romantic poets influenced the development of Romantic poetry. Joseph Warton, the headmaster of Winchester College and Professor of Poetry at Oxford University, held that invention was the main quality of a poet. James Macpherson, a Scottish writer, is thought to be the first English Romantic poet. His Ossian cycle of poems inspired Goethe. Thomas Chatterton, who wrote poetry in English, is generally considered the first Romantic poet. Both of these writers were guilty of fraud.

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