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George Romney was a famous portrait painter in the late eighteenth century. He was considered one of the most fashionable artists of the time and painted many leading figures of society, including Lord Nelson and Queen Charlotte. His artistic muse was the mistress of Lord Nelson, Emma Hamilton. The portraits of this woman have become very popular, and you can see them all over the world. 

George Romney's life was largely spent painting, with no formal training. Though his artistic talents were widely recognized, he never exhibited his paintings at the Royal Academy. Despite his early success, he was not able to find a place in high society or achieve popularity. As a painter, he started to focus on historical subjects, and he was inspired by the works of the Renaissance. For example, he began work on a Shipwreck Scene from 'The Tempest' (1790) for the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery.

While working at MGM, Romney's life was not easy. He met and married Lenore LaFount, a strikingly beautiful daughter of a wealthy Mormon businessman, and they married. When they got married in 1776, the Duchess of Richmond offered him a studio contract. After marrying, Romney moved to London and started working as a society portraitist. He never exhibited his work at the Royal Academy of Arts, and eventually gave up portrait painting.

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