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Russian painter Franz Roubaud was known for his epic paintings. He created the largest panoramic paintings, which were circular in shape. They were intended to be viewed from an inside lookout point and were thought to accurately reproduce the original scene. In fact, his art has been reproduced more than 50,000 times. This remarkable feat is one of the greatest achievements of modern art. 

In 1890, Roubaud moved to Munich. He also worked on his masterpiece "Storm of Achulgo". The Storm of Achulgo was exhibited in Munich and Paris in 1891. He received the Order of St. Michael for this work. The painting was bought by the Military department in Munich in 1897 and hung there for decades. In addition, Roubaud produced a panorama of the Crimean War. His panorama of the Battle of Borodino is among the most famous works by this famous artist.

In the late nineteenth century, Roubaud worked in the Imperial Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg. He became a teacher and began to paint panoramic landscapes. He also painted huge panoramas, including the Siege of Sevastopol, which is one of his best-known paintings. His work is also popular in modern museums. Several of his paintings are now in private collections. If you are looking for a portrait of a famous artist, try to find a piece of art by Franz Roubaud.

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