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Sir Peter Paul Rubens, the Dutch diplomat and Flemish artist, is one of the most influential painters in the Flemish Baroque tradition. His compositions reference erudite elements of Christian and classical history, bringing a sense of beauty and scholarly detail to their subjects. 

After completing an apprenticeship in 1591, Rubens moved to Paris. In 1622, he was appointed as a decorator of the main gallery of the Luxembourg Palace. As a widow of Henry IV, she wished to promote her life in an epic style. Her request for a painting that would enhance her image elevated her to a mythic level. Later, Rubens was commissioned to paint the life of the emperor Constantine for Louis XIII.

In his later years, Rubens was plagued with arthritis, and eventually stopped painting. One of his last works, Self-portraitin Vienna, shows his pain and suffering. He died in Antwerp on May 30, 1640. The self-portrait in Vienna is one of his most emotional and moving works. It's a tribute to the life and art of this artist. There are numerous paintings by him throughout history.

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