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Charles Marion Russell (also known as Charlie, C.M., or "Kid") was a well-known Old West artist. He painted more than 2,000 paintings of cowboys, Native Americans, and landscapes in the western United States and Alberta. He also sculpted bronze figures. His work has been collected by collectors around the world. 

As a young man, Russell worked as a cattle hand on the O-H Ranch in Judith Basin, Montana, in 1886-87. This experience inspired him to paint scenes of the harsh winter. He asked the foreman if he could see any buffaloes, which he did. In response, the ranch foreman gave him a postcard-size watercolor painting of a gaunt steer watching wolves.

Though he had no plans to become a professional artist, Russell used his skill to support himself in a rough and tumble environment. He painted at night while working in a brothel, so he could use the daylight to paint. He often gave away his works to family and friends, but he also sold one of his paintings to the Prince of Wales. It now hangs in Buckingham Palace. So, his work has become famous and appreciated worldwide.

While working as a cowboy, Charles M. Russell took up painting full-time. Without the help of his wife Nancy, he may not have received the recognition he deserved. She became his publicist and manager, which helped him become internationally known and one of the most profitable artists of his time. The art of Charles M. Russell is considered an American masterpiece and has been exhibited throughout the world. It is a timeless classic, and the art of this great man is as important today as it was when he first started painting.

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