Saturn Devouring His Son


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The painting "Saturn Devouring His Son" by Francisco Goya depicts a Greek myth about the Titan Cronus, who ate his children upon birth. In this painting, Saturn is slurping down the head of his own son, savoring each child. The Greeks attributed this gruesome act to the god Saturn. This story was so horrific that Goya decided to make it into a painting.

While the painting may seem horrific, it is based on a picture by the Spanish Romantic painter Francisco Goya. In this painting, Saturn is ready to take another bite out of his son's left arm. The dark room is filled with Saturn's huge mouth and bulging eyes. The only bright spots are white flesh, blood, and knuckles. The artist's intention is clear, but the end result is one that is unnerving.

The painting was based on Saturn devouring to its children by Rubens, but it still has a neo-classical style. This work forgoese concern with other people's feelings and intended only for his own enjoyment. However, Saturn Devouring His Son depicts negative emotions and is a classic example of this. It's one of Goya's most iconic works.

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