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Kamisaka Sekka was an important Japanese artist of the early twentieth century. Born into a Samurai family in Kyoto, he was recognized as an early talent and aligned himself with the traditional Rinpa school of art. In fact, he is considered the last great exponent of this school of art. 

The early twentieth century was a particularly productive time for Japanese artists. A Samurai by birth, Kamisaka Sekka was associated with the traditional Rinpa school of art, and was viewed as one of its last great exponents. He produced works in many different mediums, including lacquer, woodblock prints, and metal sculpture. This period also marked the beginning of modern design in Japanese art.

The emergence of contemporary design was also a boon to Japanese artists. During this time, the Rimpa style was unfashionable in Japan, and the country sought to promote a unique artistic style. This was an opportunity for Sekka to learn more about the Western appeal to Japonism. After returning to Japan, he began teaching at the newly established Kyoto Municipal School of Arts and Crafts. He was an excellent teacher and influenced his students with the Western aesthetics he had learned from the West.

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