Where to buy oil paintings online?

If you are searching for where to buy oil paintings online, you come to the right place. Outpost Art has been in art business since 1996 and we are one of the leading art gallery for hand-painted paintings. It is a one-stop workshop for people who want to buy oil paintings online for home and office.

Our service including:

Museum Quality Oil painting reproductions

Oil painting replicas are the most common and demanded items used for interior decoration nowadays. There are a lot of people who collect oil painting replica of famous old artwork as a hobby. Certainly, reproduction of ancient art seems like a boon for those who cannot afford artwork of ancient artists.

Original artwork is very expensive, and if you're not financially sound, you cannot make a selection of eminent original artwork done by renowned artists. It is not necessary that everyone has the financial means to buy an original oil painting. So, what is next possible thing through which you can get an original work of art in your workplace or home? The best alternative is obviously to get a handmade oil painting replica of an original at a comparatively lesser cost. These oil painting replicas are very near to the original paintings, and you will not be able to distinguish it from the real artwork.

But, how is this possible to create an identical replica? Of course, it is not an easy thing to do. Oil painting replicas can be created by those who have the right will and aptitude to do it. The process of making an oil painting replica demand extensive knowledge, experience and skill to reproduce a selected master piece on a clean canvas with the same museum quality and feel. The artists used to employ same methodology used by the ancient artist to create an exact copy of the ancient art work. Paintings on canvas are stretched to fit across wooden frames, and a gesso ground layer is applied to eliminate any acidic properties of the paints will be used for the work. Pigments along with oils such as linseed, walnut, safflower, poppy seed, etc.

Not commercial level or high quality level reproduction, what we offer is museum quality oil painting reproductions of famous paintings, like las meninas velazquez, napoleon crossing the alps, the kiss painting, the dream of fisherman's wife etc. Basically, we can replciate any artworks in any sizes. 100% satisfaction and money back guaranteed.

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Art commissions

Custom paintings from photos are the most beautiful gift for special occasions like christmas day, birthday, anniversary, wedding etc. What's better than giving your loved ones their precious memories in such beautiful art which will last for ever? We have rich experience in portrait from photo because we have been taking orders from many major galleries and portrait companies since 1996. Out talented artists can turn your photos not only into realistic styles, but also impressional, artistic, pop styles etc. 

Paintings commissioned from photos have an extra appeal to add to the charm of the house. Paintings are beautiful artwork in their own right; in addition, if one can transform a photo into a drawing it also carries the profundity of the memories associated with the photos. Imagine a photo very dear to your heart, such as that of your wedding day, or that of your pet or a family portrait, and getting that transformed into a beautiful pencil drawing or water color painting! Such memories sure add the warmth of personal touch to your house. Likewise, you can also get these paintings done as gifts for your loved ones on their special occasions like birthdays and weddings. That sort of gift would be very dear to their hearts as art can express emotions much better than words do.

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