Starry Night Over the Rhone


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Model: Vincent Van Gogh-196

The painting known as Starry Night Over the Rhone is one of Vincent van Gogh's most famous works. Van Gogh painted it at night in Arles, a few minutes from his apartment. His new apartment in Arles was filled with cheery, sunny days. This influx of energy was apparent in his letter correspondence. He returned to his studio and was inspired to paint. The magical sky and the twinkling lights of the river captured his imagination. The starlit skies were the source of his inspiration.

The nocturne series is limited by the time of day. The first piece in this series, Cafe Terrace at Night, was painted in early September 1888. The second piece, Starry Night Over the Rhone, was painted later in the month. The artist was able to capture these scenes only during the night, when it is darkest. In addition to a mystical mood, Van Gogh's works have an emotional dimension, which makes them more appealing.

It is now considered one of the greatest works of art. In fact, it is so famous that it was renamed to reflect the location where it was painted. This is where the famous painter first saw the scene he would later paint.

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