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Still Life paintings are one of the most popular genres in art. Their focus on still objects make them ideal subjects for study and experimentation. Siltala begins the process by cutting a wood panel to suit the size of the painting. He then applies gesso and sketches the composition in charcoal. Then he starts to paint in light washes, layering colors slowly. This style of painting has its roots in the Old Masters, and most artists begin by sketching out the basic shapes and shading.

Although the term "still life" refers to inanimate objects, it does not necessarily refer to dead animals. A still life painting can have a variety of themes. It can be personal, societal, mythological, religious, or even based on material qualities. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, still life paintings can fit in with any decorating style and theme. A great example of a still life painting is one that features a fruit basket.

If you are buying a piece of art for a specific room, it is a good idea to take measurements and choose a painting that fits into the space available. Otherwise, you may end up with a painting that is too large or too small. For example, if you want to hang your painting over your bed headboard, it is important to make sure the width of the headboard reaches your headboard. If you're hanging a smaller painting, you need to leave a gap of ten to twenty centimeters to allow for movement.

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