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George Stubbs was an English painter best known for his horse paintings. Although self-trained, he learned from other great artists of the eighteenth century. He is a popular artist for his horses. Here are some of his most well-known works. They all depict horses. To find out more about this famous painter, read the biography of this great British artist. We will also discuss the significance of this painting for the history of horses.

Stubbs's work is represented in many museum collections in the United Kingdom. His works can be found at the National Gallery in London, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the National Museum of Liverpool, and the Hunter Museum. In the USA, Stubbs's art is represented in the collection of the Victoria and Albert. In the United Kingdom, his works are in numerous private collections including the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stubbs's career as an artist started early. He sketched bones as a child. By the age of eight, he was dissecting animals. His passion for painting continued until he was twenty. At the age of thirty, he became an anatomist and studied anatomy. In 1754, he visited Rome and spent eighteen months there studying the human body. He also dissected horses for his book on equine anatomy.

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