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Flemish Baroque painter David Teniers the Younger was one of the most popular and prolific artists of the seventeenth century. His diverse talents allowed him to paint everything from portraits and landscapes to miniaturist works, copyist paintings, and staffage pieces. His output was also very diverse, and his works are widely regarded today. 

Upon his death in Brussels, at the age of almost eighty, Teniers' works were exhumed from the Royal Palace and buried in the local church. The work remained on view until he died, at which time his name became synonymous with late Flemish painting of everyday life. Vlieghe suggests that his appointment at the court had nothing to do with the Archduke's love of his peasant scenes, but was more likely prompted by Rubens, who acquired seventeen Brouwer paintings from him during the early 1630s. In fact, the Dutch art market had also embraced the young artist as an expert in realism, which helped him become one of the most sought-after painters of the day.

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