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Hendrick Jansz ter Brugghen was a Dutch painter, who specialized in religious and genre subjects. Despite his influence from Italian painters such as Caravaggio, he painted more realistic religious scenes. However, many consider him one of the most influential artists of the Dutch Golden Age. His works are both iconic and timeless. 

The early life of Hendrick Ter Brugghen is not well-documented, although he spent time in Rome. His father was a cadet in Ernst Kasimir's army. In 1614, he was documented in Milan. He may have travelled to Italy a second time, from 1619 to 1621. Hendrick died in Utrecht in 1629, from the plague, and his body was buried in the Buurkerk, but he may have made a third trip, or even a fourth.

The young Hendrick ter Brugghen traveled to Italy with his father to learn about the art of the Italian masters. He spent several years in Italy studying the work of Caravaggio. During his time in Italy, he became fascinated by the light effects that Caravaggio created. After returning to the Netherlands, he remained with Dirck van Baburen and devoted himself to a Caravaggist style. Hendrick ters Brugghen also painted genre scenes such as drinkers and musicians, and religious and mythological subjects.

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