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Model: Jan Vermeer-17

The Astronomer is a work by Johannes Vermeer. It is an oil on canvas that measures 51 cm x 45 in. It is currently on display at the Louvre in Paris. The astronomer was a popular subject in seventeenth-century Dutch paintings. Its companion, The Geographer, is another. Both works were meant to be sold at the same estate sale in Amsterdam. Although, the astronomer is considered more modern, the geographer is not.

The Astronomer is a beautiful example of an allegory. The crumpled sheet of paper indicates a man seeking knowledge. The astrolabe and the light coming from the window represent the new knowledge a man gained. Besides astrologers, this painting also shows the importance of scientific inquiry. It is the most valuable painting by Vermeer, as it represents the importance of science. In addition to its beauty, The astrologist is the most popular painting by the artist.

The Astronomer is one of Vermeer's most popular paintings. The artist's skill with color, light, and space makes it possible to convey a singular human activity and unified moment of time. The Astronomer is perfectly staged, but not overly reconstructed. It is a subtle composite of fields and shapes that form a context around a single figure. Therefore, this work does not have a plot and is not a narrative.

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