The Birth of Venus


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Model: Sandro Botticelli-15

The Birth of Venus is perhaps Botticelli's most famous painting. The original sculpture depicts the goddess as a young girl, surrounded by the spirits of the gods and goddesses. She stands in a giant shell, the size of which is purely fictitious. The wind god Zephyr blows on her mantle, causing her mantle to billow. The painting has many other mythological associations.

In the original, a woman holds a cloak of flowers. The clamshell she stands on is a representation of Venus' birth. The hands are in a strange, unnatural position, as if her hands are trying to hide her statuesque beauty. A ring of roses, which symbolically correspond with the birth of Venus, floats from the sky and falls to the seabed. As a result, this painting has become one of the most famous paintings of art history.

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